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Whatever your metal stamping and fabrication needs, PalmerGrip has the power of many years of experience to meet them.
From stamping to assembly to finishing, PalmerGrip brings a commitment to quality and strict adherence to process control that are evident not only in our work but in our certifications, as well.
All of our facilities are ISO9001, and ISO/TS16949 certified so you can always be sure the final product meets the most stringent standards. Furthermore, we have degreed engineers working in every department to help you create the exact part you need for your specific applications.
With our competitive sourcing, and professional manufacturing and engineering operations, PalmerGrip is your global go-to resource.
  • Materials 
    PalmerGrip has many years of experience working with and processing all types of materials for manufacturing products in a variety of clamp industries. Learn More »
  • Stamping 
    A variety of stamped and deep drawn parts can be produced on over 120 mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic presses up to 300 ton capacity. Learn More » 
  • Rolling
    PalmerGrip has been producing roll-formed shapes for many years, currently specializing in roll-formed rings. We design and produce all tooling in house for both symmetrical and non-symmetrical ring .  Learn More »

  • Welding
    We have the welding expertise to join conventional, exotic, similar and dissimilar alloys with certified GMAW and GTAW capabilities . Learn More »
  • Polishing & Buffing 
    PalmerGrip excels in providing products to meet the utmost in polished and buffed requirements. Customers partner with us to provide solutions that  Learn More »
  • Finishing
    With a diverse customer base utlizing a wide range of product finishes, PalmerGrip excels in providing plated, painted or polished parts of all types. Learn More »
  • Packing  with professional and considerate packing solution , we can seucre transportation anywhere you want .




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